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Stats ought to be a decent balance between health insurance and damage

We geared differently, gearing because dps doesn’t give up your heals, I acquired chacha CTR is actually covered, alot in our abilities are immediate cast, from what I realize cast time does not effect charging, therefore only Heaven’s Sludge hammer, Ellora’s Mark is actually effected by miracle attack, so are not our dots, in addition to our pure harm stats. The talent sapling is specific regarding which stats tend to be priority Con, Int, and can, as well because health magic assault and magic crit. Having low health isn’t doing you any kind of favors, +health doesn’t bunch too well as your wellbeing increasing I choose +% health on gear instead of using +health closes. If you raid you’ll pull aggro in the balls and because you’ll have three or four of them hitting you at the same time 1k health won’t keep you in existence, I have 5k hewlett packard raid buffed.

Buy Riders of Icarus Gold

I personally use owl seals as well as blue bloodwyrm, since i have lack +Con during my gear. Check about the talent tree the amount 50 ability, this will depend on damage statistics, you will not by any means shape or type compromise your capability to heal by gearing like a dps. Not attempting to be rude, do not take it which, but I happen to be a healer for on the decade and something I have discovered is that within both PvE as well as PvP healers will Also have aggro, you can’t heal in case your dead, trusting that other players can handle doing their work, when things such as lag, frame falls, and pugs enter into play. Why would you need to take three strikes to kill some thing, when you possess the choice to 1 shot it.
Honestly if given a selection between 8% miracle attack or -3% cast time I am going with the 8% miracle attack. because cast time reduction won’t effect instant throw spells.
Currently these would be the three we get access to. We have much more instant cast capabilities than we do abilities having a cast time, I can’t see sacrificing an excessive amount of health or damage in support of it. Have a person done the raid? Moving in there with low health can get you killed frequently, there are absolutely no guarantees that any tank can hold 100% aggro 100% of times, it’s foolish to think this, I have been healing in various mmos for many years I have yet to determine that happen. Percentage of health doesn’t seriously seals, it occurs gear. Shouldn’t sacrifice an excessive amount of for health, but you ought to have enough to endure any encounter, especially individuals with adds. Adds may always aggro the actual healer first, and if the actual tank is reduced on defenses and you need to heal a lot you’ll pull aggro. Then there’s soloing to consder. Stats ought to be a decent balance between health insurance and damage. I don’t observe priest needing throw time reduction or even cooldown rating like a stat priority.
Potted upward Con Int May crossbow -cast period: 18% CDR: 17% Spear as well as Scepter: -cast period: 16% and cdr: 17%
Attach: Karios
Health: (Gentle shield buff) 6622
Crossbow +11: 2095-2871 miracle attack Dps: 1241 crit price: 25. 96% crit harm: 377
Spear +10: 1936-2650 miracle attack Dps: 1529 crit price: 29. 96 crit harm: 296
It is actually hard to tweak the apparatus in this game to obtain crossbow and spear along with identical stats, without spending much more Riders of Icarus Precious metal than level 25 gear may be worth. (I know crossbow begins with lower dps than spear to start with)
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It’s not impossible to have a legendary without paying money into this game.

Look at your own reasons why you can’t have nice things instead of blaming “p2w” on other players who do have them. Don’t be so quick to satisfy your negative ego by thinking NOBODY could have anything better than you without spending real money.
Buy Riders of Icarus Gold
Just to throw this out there, many of you people insult players who choose to spend more money than necessary in this game. You wouldn’t have this game to play if nobody was spending money to begin with. Think about that for a bit. As much as it makes you mad someone else in a game has better items than you, you have them to thank for keeping the game active so you CAN play for free.

It’s not impossible to have a legendary without paying money into this game. It’s been like almost 2 months now since legendaries have been available. Anyone could have farmed 50 Petals of Lament now. With all of the dailies that reward Frozen Stingers, and the bns gold rewards, as well as SSP farming, it’s very possible for someone to afford making Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stones once a day until they get 3 to make a legendary, and then 1 more for each stage up to 3 without having to pay the ridiculous amount people are asking for on the market.

Many factors come into play when it comes to how people obtain their gear. Once you know how to make money efficiently, anyone who is a free player can reasonably have all of their accessories maxed and a legendary by now. Instead, lazy people who expect things to be spoon-fed to them want to instantly assume that anyone with better gear than them either A )#) paid “thousands of dollars” to have what they have, or B )#) must have no life, no job, not going to school, and plays this game all day from waking up until they pass out.
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