Player’s suggestion for your Drops

Since the unusual drop table inside old school is fairly bad and obsolete currently. There comes an indication about Mega Unusual Drop table about OSRS reddit. thinks it is crucial to share several desirable ideas together with you together.

The player’s suggestion is not only buffing current RDT. There ought to be new “Mega Rare Droptable” which will have drops including 50K to 1M although averaging at about 300K.

Chance of reaching new mega rare table needs to be quite normally just like 1/100 but together with ring of wealth possiblity to hit mega unusual table would increase something such as 1/25. This would force one to trade between general practitioner or XP although PvM.

Normal drops coming from Mega Rare Table should include noted alchables, components, resources and products. Player’s suggestion for your Drops would become Dragon Hasta and also Dragon kiteshield 50 percent or both halves as these could be online with RDT special.

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What’s your own personal thoughts about the particular suggestion of Huge Rare Drop Stand? You can interact with us via Fb, Twitter and Instagram. Hopefully we could become life-long close friends and support each and every other forever.


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