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Marcelo in Brazil situation very embarrassed

sjbBrazilian marcelo is the main real Madrid left-back, was also the main Brazilian left-back, but since deng and ren, marcelo lost favour.

The squad, Brazil will be in September 5 and 8 respectively against costa rica and the United States, marcelo not included in the Brazilian squad at first, because after atletico Madrid left-back felipe – lewis injured, deng increase new enlisted entered Brazil marcelo. sffzs183

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Marcelo in the international situation now, a bit like a “spare tire”. Last September, marcelo also not selected in the Brazil, eventually because of sandro injured, marcelo summoned for temporary get-together, but he follow Brazil to place such as Miami, New Jersey, and fly a total of 14631 kilometers, eventually did not play in a minute.

Marcelo to become Brazil’s looking after, and sometimes in Brazil, and sometimes lost. It is worth mentioning that marcelo is made of steel luiz felipe scolari era.

Messi pressure Sue god cristiano ronaldo was named Europe’s best player Record the first

Monaco at 17 local time, the champions league group stage draw and European player of the awards ceremony at the grimaldi conference center in monte carlo. Messi is at a record of 49 tickets over teammate suarez and cristiano ronaldo, become twice won the European player of the first person. The other two awards also belong to Barcelona. Messi won the award for best goal,, root straw won the award for best saves.

sjbUefa has established “European player” award in 2011. The selection range is in uefa’s the football association league players, on the basis of player 1 all competitions last season’s performance in the past, including the national team and club events and by 54 from across Europe football writers to vote for. In the first round of voting, every journalist submit 3 list (1 + 5, 2 + 3, 3 + 1). Score the top three players messi, suarez, cristiano ronaldo in the second round of voting, cristiano ronaldo for the first three, for five consecutive years Lionel messi was fourth, suarez is the first time. sffzs183

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The second round of voting in the scene, to participate in the first round of voting press corps through an electronic device, immediately decided three people seating, such as the same, the first round of voting score high column before. Announced after the champions league group stage draw, michel platini sevilla sashi was elected European women’s football player. Immediately into the strain of European player of the vote. On the trophy engraved name clearance, three people came to and accept a brief interview. Michel platini to that messi is elected. Messi scored 49 of 54 votes, broke his own record of 39, 2011.

Barcelona also got two other awards, the awards ceremony by two awards are fans online voting. Messi won best goal (after last season’s champions league semi-final first leg shake down boateng hanging neuer),, root, won best save straw (last season’s champions league semi-final second leg, 40 minutes saved levante shot), neuer and buffon in a sector respectively.

Ten years the offensive worst boss was born Carlo ancelotti nine 27 goals after rafael benitez

Real Madrid on sporting gijon crop failures, the more and more criticism for benitez, many Spanish media said, benitez is a defensive coach, and, according to the real Madrid’s lack of goals now.

sjbThan in the past 10 years manager of start, benitez goals under the coach of real Madrid is the lowest. Marca, points out that benitez in the first nine games, is the lowest in the past 10 years, he led real Madrid only scored 11 goals in the first nine games, including 8 games and 1 la liga matches. FIFA

Contrast under carlo ancelotti coached real data at the same time, with a warm-up, carlo ancelotti’s real Madrid scored 27 goals in the first nine games. Although mourinho’s la liga opener is same 0-0, but who in the first nine games with real Madrid scored 15 goals. sffzs183

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In addition to carlo ancelotti with jose mourinho at scoring more than when benitez, several real coach before the data are more than rafa benitez. In pelle’s (26), juande ramos (15), schuster (13), fabio capello (20), carol (15), vanderlei luxemburgo (18), Raymond (13)… Their goals are all more than rafa benitez.

The FIFA16 career mode in offline game for players also can get special immersive experience

Pre-season tour

As in the real football world, club before the start of each season can take part in a series of pre-season. In the FIFA’s career mode meaningless pre-season friendlies will no longer appear in the FIFA 16, instead, the global various pre-season tour. “FIFA 16″ a total of nine different pre-season tour, the player can pick out three of them to take part in before the end of the season.

sjb1Players at club level will determine its tour to participate, such as Chelsea, bayern Munich, and a greater can attend elite “Asian cup”. And according to different opponents level, the preseason will provide different levels of rewards. And these rewards will directly into your transfer budget, so to sign players better, also have to deal with well the pre-season tour.

Preseason schedule for 8 teams divided into two groups, four teams first single cycle group, then each group leaders and second to qualify for the semi-final and final. In the final to win the champion team to obtain the biggest bonus pool is divided into, but even knocked out early team can get certain bonus, increase his transfer budget. sffzs183

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Preseason another subtle but important change is that, during the preseason game substitution without quota restrictions. It just like the reality, though a formal game team can not change more than three times, but in the preseason for there is no limit to the number of substitutions. “FIFA 16″ pre-season tour, players may want to change how much time will change many times. At this point finally restore true reality also calculate the FIFA 16 a good progress.

Disturbed FIFA 15 system analysis on how to do

The rocker, rocker left + RT key, A key, RB key + A key

sjbExplanation: what if the enemy broke through the line, let him the ball into the area, is preparing to foot, fortunately, there are players in the ball around, at this time, the best way is to close to him, as long as once near will affect each other shooting Angle. FIFA

If there is more than one person in the side, just press RB + A key to let the AI companion together to help, not only can increase the accuracy of impact jump shots, and more likely to block the ball. sffzs183

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This interference can also be used within the box, when each other is our front closing down, the other party will also be under interference to clear, even make a mistake.

Because when the opponent into the range within the scope of, press B or X button is easy to cause a foul, foul place is very deadly, so more advice only.

As long as it’s not personally press B, general arrival will be very accurate, so afraid of foul.

“FIFA 16″ mobile version launched this year But don’t set women players

sjbBefore we already know there will be a female player FIFA16, team number as many as 12, all is the national team, which also makes many players want to play the women’s. See there must be someone will ask, so whether the mobile version of the FIFA women’s football will join? EA said recently set not in the mobile version of women’s football. sffzs183

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That is to say, the mobile version of the players still want to fight with the tough guy, as to not set the cause of women’s football, EA has said this is because the mobile version is based on the FIFA Ultimate Team, development, and in the real world, the women’s and men’s soccer not to play at this level, so this year’s women’s football the mobile version will not occur. Seems EA to the FIFA series that exquisite characteristic and reality of contact is very persistent.

It is understood that the FIFA will be landing on September 22, iOS and Android, although there is no women’s football this year, but from the speech of EA or have players that might have launched next year, could have been the EA to observe the actual performance of the motherboard.

“FIFA 16″ new intelligence! The Xbox players can play in advance

sjbFrom EA’s FIFA producer Nick Channon, introduced this for the first time to join the women’s features. At the same time the Xbox will monopolize the legendary team, including a large number of legend. In addition if you are on the Xbox EA member Access, so you can be in the game before it has sold into the gameplay. sffzs183

Significant changes
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Xbox on September 17, can advance to oh! “FIFA 16 with bundle version released, 500 gb for 369 euro, 1 TB is 399 euro!


“FIFA 16″ exposure to new again Messi show great style!


EA brings in today’s new book “FIFA 16″ football’s latest screenshots, cover star Lionel messi in barca uniforms show high skills, words in the FIFA 16 are you like messi or cristiano ronaldo? sffzs183

FIFA 16 “previously released a cover version of the game in the world, leading role is still as Lionel messi; Japanese version “FIFA 16″ game cover for effectiveness in borussia Dortmund on sweet sichuan’s company. Now Italian version “FIFA 16″ cover also has confirmed that he is from the serie a giants inter milan football club star, Kaldi (Mauro Icardi).

“FIFA 16″ will be listed in September 22, the Chinese version of synchronization. The EA 12 women’s football teams to join in the game, China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the United States. Will do on the PC / / Xbox One/PS3 / Xbox360 PS4 platform, stay tuned.

FIFA officials announced on February 26, 2016 election michel platini is hot

FIFA officials announced that the FIFA President elections will be held on February 26, 2016, will choose the blatter’s successor. According to the independent newspaper reported that the British media, uefa President michel platini and prince ali and blatter campaign is the new President of FIFA.

sjbAs is known to all, FIFA have been covered with corruption scandals in recent years, President sepp blatter was the culprit, FIFA President elections at the end of may, before the start of the Swiss authorities raided baal’s hotel in Zurich, arrest include Jeffrey webber, vice President of FIFA, etc of the FIFA executive, the announcement, after the us department of justice announced on 14 people involved to prosecute 47 charges. The irs “study”, the FBI was also involved in football. On May 29, blatter in FIFA’s election re-election, but four days later, pressured by FIFA scandal, blatter, resigned as chairman of FIFA, but need to wait to produce before the new chairman, he stepped down.  sffzs183

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In blatter announced his resignation, the election committee chairman scala in has previously said that FIFA President of any election will need at least 4 months, FIFA to do review candidates, between December 2015 and March 2015 election of any time. British media disclosed the independent, the original campaign, chairman of the meeting is scheduled for mid December this year, but this conflict with the club World Cup. After study rules, the FIFA executive committee to determine the FIFA special elections scheduled for next February 26.