The champions league – cristiano ronaldo equalised tevez made dead Real Madrid guest negative juve

imageItalian 20 at 5, local time, the champions league semi-final first leg game 1 first, real Madrid away 2-1 defeat to Juventus. Mora score against his former club, cristiano ronaldo equalised, with 76 super messi 1 ball, alone in the champions league top scorer first, nine goals in this season’s champions league top scorer.J luo header frieze.In the second-half, tevez won a penalty and taking hits.

Juve official match nearly 54 home only 1 negative (45-8-1), o ZhanLianXu 12 unbeaten home, last time losses against bayern Munich in April 2013, and new juve home only European defeat (10-6-1).European home game against real Madrid always record 5-1-1 negative. Allegri choose 4 defenders, and in midfield, stu lalo drown pereira, vidal became sanchez (2012/2013), second appearance in the champions league semi-final chileans. FIFA From the real Madrid academy mora partnership with carlos tevez.

Nearly 11 real Madrid champions league away to win eight games, is the only defeat negative borussia Dortmund 2-0 quarter-final last season, but the 2004-05 season group after the 3-0 victory Rome, nearly 7 times to visit Italy, have nearly 3 games are flat.Three champions league semi-finals in serie a teams were out (Juventus in 2003; in Turin in 1992; in 1989 AC milan).

Carlo ancelotti and allegri in the tunnel before the greeting.The opening 53 seconds, iker casillas clearance, vidal the ball into the box to the ground, but received no foul.3 minutes, stu ROM the area on the left side of the low by iker casillas confiscated.6 minutes, bo down Mr Bell, was booked, ronaldo was at the door first free-kick was off wall, 26 meters juve immediately long counter-offensive, maura knee-deep pepe, unexpectedly dives in front of the gate 20 meters away from the clipped corner, iker casillas will get the ball.

Juve 8 minutes to take the lead!Marchisio right Angle plug, tevez penalty area on the right side of oblique was casillas fell out, maura left post side left foot forward gate tower, 1-0.He become the fourth on behalf of foreign teams score against real Madrid in the champions league the Spaniard 1 ball (2 ball morientes, fernando torres, llorente 2 ball), is also the 7th in the champions league against his former club goal of former real Madrid player (zamorano, fernando morientes, Confucianism, Leo – cesar, arjen robben, Wesley sneijder, huntelaar).Juve’s champions league home goal 10 minutes before the total record of 9-1 negative 3-2 defeat by Manchester united (1999). sffzs189

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