Ancelotti warned Real Madrid defense must improve

atfifa12“We need to attack, so to get a decent result in the first leg, but more importantly, we need to defend better than ever. In the Champions League semi-finals this stage, if you’re scared, you will lose, if you enough brave, then you win. “Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final with Juventus before the conference, Ancelotti warned the team’s defense.

On the first team, Ancelotti said: “I have made a decision, but we can not open.” Contrast on Juventus with Atletico, Ancelotti said:. “It will be almost the same against Juventus there not to Atletico, they have other features, so I’m excited to face this game. Juve are a club we tend ball. ”

Ancelotti continued to praise, said: “In recent years Juventus doing well in the league, they have won in advance on Saturday, so it can bring more confidence to them.”

This time also play three defender? Ancelotti said: “I have ruled out the possibility that we only played 10 minutes against Celta this tactic against Sevilla played five minutes..”

On Benzema can not, Ancelotti said: “If we can not pass the ball or slow our movement, we will encounter difficulties in a player’s absence will not affect these things..”

Ramos also play in midfield? Ancelotti said: “He is still likely to be me in the midfield this position.”

Real Madrid history at Juventus won only once at home, Ancelotti said:. “Juve have always been a strong opponent is never easy in their home win after last season to win the Champions League, we hope to achieve our. defending dream. We are very close, we will do everything we can to achieve this. ”

About Hernandez makes you hard to choose? Ancelotti said:. “This is not our problem here, he has helped us a lot when I recruited him into the team, he is ready, he will continue to help us because he is our array. an important player. starters or off the bench, is not a problem. He is now in-form, we all enjoy a little bit. ”

FIFA Relationship with Juve fans? Ancelotti said: “I was there I felt like I coached for two years with the club very close with the fans I learned a lot during that time I was with some Juve fans there is a problem, but my memories… always great, my experience at Juventus helped me grow up. ”

Before the game thoughts? Ancelotti said: “Both mentally and physically, we are in a good state to enter the game we had there were some injury problems, but we overcame very well, because we have a good bench we will do. the greatest efforts to qualify for the finals. ”

Pirlo claimed that “Ancelotti like my father,” Ancelotti responded:. “Pirlo is a great player he thinks I’m like his father, I think he is my brother. Juve have a lot of good players. ”

Bell’s physical condition, Ancelotti said: “He made a full recovery before a little hurt him, we gave him time to ensure his recovery he was ready well in the game with Sevilla we gave. his 30 minutes, he looked energetic. ”

About Juve’s starting 11, Ancelotti said: “They are rare in the world can play three or four guards guard team, I do not know what tomorrow they will send the first we have to stick to their style and consistent. sex, play rhythm. ”

About C Ronaldo, Ancelotti said: “He is very good, the last game played very well Benzema will not play, but we still have a good offensive, Hernandez-form..” sffzs189

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