FIFA penalty is not finished or finished Barcelona Real Madrid buy year ban

atfifa7On Tuesday evening, the radio broke Mengliao Spain Sergio, due to irregularities in the previous transfer of some players, FIFA is seriously considering last season’s Champions League finals Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid move to implement the ban.

The news is the ace radio host Sergio Jose – Raymond in the “beam” column revealed, he said FIFA has mastered the relevant evidence transfer to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid violations, and has been recently informed of the situation to the Spanish Football Federation. In principle, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will accept transfer ban similar to Barcelona, ​​as previously, that is, in the next two transfer period (in 2015 and early 2016 summer transfer window winter transfer), they transfer You can not buy any player on the market.

Currently, there is no official news that when FIFA will announce the final official ban on punishment, but Jose – Raymond says Real Madrid is already through various channels to get the news, they even do a good job for this “worst intention “, such as buying Asensio teenager this season, signed Danilo, Lucas – Silva and Odo of a series of transfers have taken place was quite strange. Jose – Raymond finally said, Florentino’re just ahead of the final piece of the puzzle to complete the transfer arrangement, that is poached from Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea. sffzs181

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