New FIFA Football TV show with Pitch International

atfifa8FIFA’s new weekly magazine show, FIFA Football, will be launched in the first week of May, bringing all the magic, passion and culture of the beautiful game to audiences around the world.

FIFA Football, produced and distributed by Pitch International, will deliver a half-hour TV show full of features, action, news, interviews with star players and magic moments from the archives. The show will cover all forms of the game including men’s, women’s and youth football, as well as human interest stories and football development.

FIFA Director of TV Niclas Ericson said: ““FIFA Football is about giving fans a real insight into the game, on and off the pitch. Football is a truly global game and there are so many great moments to celebrate and fascinating stories to share from around the world. We hope this show will help to inspire the next generation to play, engage in and enjoy the world’s most popular sport.”

Jonathan Rogers, Managing Director of Pitch International, said: “We are thrilled to be launching this partnership with FIFA. Starting a new show is always exciting and FIFA Football is no different.

“We have a newly formed production team, fresh editorial approach, new graphics, and a host of stars, footage and features to connect with fans. We hope FIFA Football will become a trusted voice for delivering a weekly fix of the best moments and interesting stories from around the world of football.” sffzs181

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