“FIFA 15″ long-range free kick and Tips and Tricks

atfifa7The first long-range tips, when suddenly the ball before the striker in the penalty area after a pass outward, whether it is short pass or, over the top Zhisai (can pass backwards) or, if you can keep up with the players behind on the line, after the ball came in the front and back of the player not aimed directly at the air when the ball hit the door by (LT X or direct shot will do), the power grid is about three (see distance themselves properly adjusted), are generally high energy the quality of long-range, there is the speed but not easy to fly, provided that you do not shoot the ball from a player too ……

The second long-range, and in fact the first core is the same: to accelerate the time to stride behind the defender Tangqiu can accelerate at the same time to create a breakthrough shot neutral, then keep straight hit the door, or you can Acceleration time from the FIFA ball farthest shot, the core is far enough away from the ball when the shot, the player can have more time to adjust the pace and strengthen stability. Power grid more than three, but three and a half years without a lift frame is easy fly ball.

The third is when the Earth bomb LT volley shot three distance power grid and a half, is generally outside the instep volley, a big arc, have a space in front of the ball, the ball farther away from the shot when the press the players can be relatively secure some adjustments, but the foot speed is slow, it is easy to be tackling defender.

The easiest way is the goal into the far corner of the goal to aim, pull the top of the left joystick to handle, then a direct shot, tap the power of about 22 meters in the shot on the line, 23-30 may be two and a half to three grid cells, 30 m grid over three and a half to full grid will do, but I say this is probably just a power, we still have to try it yourself prevail, every ball kicked out are not necessarily the same sffzs181

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