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FIFA penalty is not finished or finished Barcelona Real Madrid buy year ban

atfifa7On Tuesday evening, the radio broke Mengliao Spain Sergio, due to irregularities in the previous transfer of some players, FIFA is seriously considering last season’s Champions League finals Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid move to implement the ban.

The news is the ace radio host Sergio Jose – Raymond in the “beam” column revealed, he said FIFA has mastered the relevant evidence transfer to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid violations, and has been recently informed of the situation to the Spanish Football Federation. In principle, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will accept transfer ban similar to Barcelona, ​​as previously, that is, in the next two transfer period (in 2015 and early 2016 summer transfer window winter transfer), they transfer You can not buy any player on the market.

Currently, there is no official news that when FIFA will announce the final official ban on punishment, but Jose – Raymond says Real Madrid is already through various channels to get the news, they even do a good job for this “worst intention “, such as buying Asensio teenager this season, signed Danilo, Lucas – Silva and Odo of a series of transfers have taken place was quite strange. Jose – Raymond finally said, Florentino’re just ahead of the final piece of the puzzle to complete the transfer arrangement, that is poached from Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea. sffzs181

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Argentina collect final ticket to Portugal 2015

atfifa5Argentina maintained their record of qualifying for every edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, but only after the narrowest of margins with a penalty shoot-out victory over Ecuador on Sunday.

La Albiceleste appeared to comfortably be on track for passage to Portugal 2015 after racing to a 4-1 lead over Ecuador in their third-place play-off.

However, Ecuador roared back into contention to draw level at 4-4 and push the match into extra time.

No goals were scored during the added period forcing penalties. In contrast to eight-goal match, the penalty shoot-out contained just a single goal as Argentina’s Lucas Medero scored with a crucial strike.

Brazil and Paraguay collected passage to Portugal on Saturday by reaching the final, with the former winning the continental crown with an 8-3 win.

Argentina’s qualification completes the 16-team field for Portugal 2015 which will take place 9-19 July. sffzs181

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New FIFA Football TV show with Pitch International

atfifa8FIFA’s new weekly magazine show, FIFA Football, will be launched in the first week of May, bringing all the magic, passion and culture of the beautiful game to audiences around the world.

FIFA Football, produced and distributed by Pitch International, will deliver a half-hour TV show full of features, action, news, interviews with star players and magic moments from the archives. The show will cover all forms of the game including men’s, women’s and youth football, as well as human interest stories and football development.

FIFA Director of TV Niclas Ericson said: ““FIFA Football is about giving fans a real insight into the game, on and off the pitch. Football is a truly global game and there are so many great moments to celebrate and fascinating stories to share from around the world. We hope this show will help to inspire the next generation to play, engage in and enjoy the world’s most popular sport.”

Jonathan Rogers, Managing Director of Pitch International, said: “We are thrilled to be launching this partnership with FIFA. Starting a new show is always exciting and FIFA Football is no different.

“We have a newly formed production team, fresh editorial approach, new graphics, and a host of stars, footage and features to connect with fans. We hope FIFA Football will become a trusted voice for delivering a weekly fix of the best moments and interesting stories from around the world of football.” sffzs181

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“FIFA 15″ long-range free kick and Tips and Tricks

atfifa7The first long-range tips, when suddenly the ball before the striker in the penalty area after a pass outward, whether it is short pass or, over the top Zhisai (can pass backwards) or, if you can keep up with the players behind on the line, after the ball came in the front and back of the player not aimed directly at the air when the ball hit the door by (LT X or direct shot will do), the power grid is about three (see distance themselves properly adjusted), are generally high energy the quality of long-range, there is the speed but not easy to fly, provided that you do not shoot the ball from a player too ……

The second long-range, and in fact the first core is the same: to accelerate the time to stride behind the defender Tangqiu can accelerate at the same time to create a breakthrough shot neutral, then keep straight hit the door, or you can Acceleration time from the FIFA ball farthest shot, the core is far enough away from the ball when the shot, the player can have more time to adjust the pace and strengthen stability. Power grid more than three, but three and a half years without a lift frame is easy fly ball.

The third is when the Earth bomb LT volley shot three distance power grid and a half, is generally outside the instep volley, a big arc, have a space in front of the ball, the ball farther away from the shot when the press the players can be relatively secure some adjustments, but the foot speed is slow, it is easy to be tackling defender.

The easiest way is the goal into the far corner of the goal to aim, pull the top of the left joystick to handle, then a direct shot, tap the power of about 22 meters in the shot on the line, 23-30 may be two and a half to three grid cells, 30 m grid over three and a half to full grid will do, but I say this is probably just a power, we still have to try it yourself prevail, every ball kicked out are not necessarily the same sffzs181

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FIFA 15 players choose Direct formation experience

atfifa10In “FIFA 14″ when written some posts. Was more like 4-3-3 (later or in exchange for a 4-4-2), but in FIFA15 inside, FIFA seem more willing to combine modern football formation, tactics popular style, so 4-5-1 is a very A nice formation (landlord also tried 3-5-2,4-4-2,4-3-3 etc., but are not easy to use 4-5-1). More inclined to feel this for midfield control, but relatively weak in the subconscious scoring striker role, “multi-flowering” situation more.

As some students said the lone striker played 451 words basically invisible, how to break

I want to say you tried adjusting the players in the mission field it?

Single arrow, set to take forward the basic involved in defense, midfield left behind, according to the situation to the ball (not penetrate in the end line, nor is Zhan Zhuang style center). And multi-straight ball.

Actually, make that a goal has been significantly weakened the role of striker. But a second striker (video front, or attacking midfielder) scoring ability, as well as other players scoring probability will be enhanced. As long as the goal line, the striker is now more of a role for the other players involved neutral. This is exactly the trend of modern football.

In addition, the offensive play of the kick 433, defensive style of play kick 3421, is a good choice sffzs181

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