EA responded fans for “FIFA15″ criticism

f5EA recently on “FIFA15″ changes incurred criticism is for the fans, and now, EA finally sit still, coming responded.

Earlier this month, EA adjusted the ultimate team game all the price range to limit the illegal sale of gold and goldsmith of the players, but the move was opposed by many players.

Today, EA posted a blog post explaining the reasons for making the change. The paper said that they want the game to become more balanced, so that players can operate with common equity players enjoy the game brings the fun, also said they want to eradicate the goldsmith and cheating, saying the game wanted to eliminate the phenomenon of currency devaluation.

There are currently 650 players card price has been adjusted so that the game becomes more equitable.

EA seems to be bent to rectify this “FIFA15″ market, the majority of players do not know what the attitude of this matter? Welcome in the comments area left view. sffzs159

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