“FIFA 15″ five league goalkeeper recommend practical experience

f8“FIFA15″ Which goalkeeper more practical? Consider the following “FIFA15″ five league goalkeeper practical recommend it.

Premier League:

Courtois, Begovic, Cech, Joe Hart, Degea. Degea I do not like because he was among several models leanest shortest.

La Liga:

Goas Diego Alves, sometimes we can not just data, he is quite good. Casillas then. . Did it. . Casillas know can not be used. .


Renault, Neuer, Weidenfeller, Adler. Neuer everyone says he is poor, but also for my own use.


Although Ruffier big, but definitely not easy Siliguri, the goalkeeper has to fight every way, it should be better than the traditional acrobatics, and Siliguri higher model than the fat, to take care of a large area.

Serie A:

Diego Lopez-hand black card is good, but to get rid of you unlimited use later. Handanovic should be the strongest, the old Buffon also good. sffzs159

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