What? This time should be no small trouble

fFIFA head Sepp Blatter once again fell into its public turmoil. Yesterday, there was news that the 2022 Qatar World Cup held in the winter have been identified, the final final will be staged at December 23, there is news that the finals will be held on December 18, Qatar National Day. Whether all day seems to have been unable to change the fact – the World Cup will be held in the Northern Hemisphere winter. It is also because of this decision, Blatter and his FIFA helm suffered shelling from outside, is facing unprecedented challenges.

In winter World Cup, the greatest resistance from Europe. The vast majority of European leagues are held multi-year, if the World Cup into the winter, national league is bound to be seriously affected, or even being mutilated. Among these, the most affected was undoubtedly the Premier League. In five major league, only the Premier League is no winter break, the event itself is dense winter period. Even the arrangement of the other league’s winter break, it is difficult to empty out a long time. In fact, the winter break is itself in the middle of a season, let the players make the rest of the adjustment “welfare”, if deprived of this “welfare”, players will naturally not agree, at the same time, lianzhouzhuan it easier for players injured.

According to the initial idea of ​​FIFA, Qatar World Cup race four days will be shortened from the previous 28 days into the 32 days. From FIFA high-level position, the possibility of December 23 held a great final. Among these, it is now the most influential global box-office appeal of the British Premier League and Football League opposition foot maximum, they believe that this date is too close before Christmas, but Christmas schedule has been a tradition of English football. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has bluntly, the Premier League’s Christmas schedule hectic enough in itself. Premier League chief executive Scudamore said that the World Cup at the end of December will hurt English football’s greatest traditions and attractiveness of Christmas schedule.

For avid fans, the World Cup is undoubtedly one summer carnival, many fans would choose to leave their homes to watch the World Cup a high level, and if the race is held once in the winter, there will be many people watching it in open spaces ? Europe has been in the online fans began to complain about this. European businesses are tucao that Christmas Cup and let them know when a crash is the selling Christmas gifts or sell soccer supplies. sffzs135

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