Some notes on the game map RS

rrr33View map opens in the upper right corner near RS radar, there are a variety of large and small cities, various shops, holes in the ground, place of work, the color is very bright, very beautiful. Small logo can be seen on the map legend. Legend can ‘? “Seen at the bottom left corner, the average person can understand. You can also drag the map around, the options underneath where you can see the hole in the ground, such as selective small map.
The name can be seen in rural and urban map.

City: stronghold ranging from Lumbridge to Tree gnome’s.

Cities: Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, Catherby, Seer’s Village ……….

Field: Non-members outside the northern city of Wilderness, the color is black, very dangerous, where players can play against (PK), like the Battle of the people there are called PKers. In the field of death will lose all items. There are some centralized monster. Field a hole in the ground there are many ghost, ghost is characterized by blood more easily return to the blood. But kill wild monsters get very rich rewards, there are some valuable items. Ghost sometimes kill a good reward. Skip to enter the field as long as the north wall of the city’s most broken wall. Just enter the green, more and more black behind. Into the wild, the upper right corner of the screen there is a skull logo, the following words died rating. Players can battle with the monster level and the difference is less than their combat ratings at the time of death level monsters. sffzs135

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