Blatter era when to end? FIFA President campaign

fffSurrounding the FIFA’s new “head” dark war, has quietly started from 2014.That year in January, former FIFA executives still palmer’s formally announced his candidacy, chairman of FIFA, the French people to “to the hope of football” as the slogan, “throne” sword refers to blatter.Earlier this year, the incumbent, vice President of FIFA, Jordan, prince ali bin al hussein announced his candidacy, and then the Dutch federation chairman Michael van oprah issued a manifesto, which got the Dutch government.

Blatter, who will turn 79 – year – old, obviously the former as the target, both age and achievement.In spite of the fourth was elected in 2011, the Swiss have vowed this is his last term, but last year, one to give up his re-election, formally put forward again for re-election

FIFA vice-president chung mong-joon, before the uefa President johansson and former afc President mohamed bin hammam, these international football side warlord, was defeated by blatter’s;And also so get in the “fraud” scandal, and eventually to quit football’s end.So, no matter it is Mr Nie, ali in the “technical”, or the figo, ginola “combat”, now in popularity, ability and contacts are in the lack of challenge.

In this campaign, the two big coffee has said not covet FIFA President, but that doesn’t mean they lack courage or money or fame.In fact, they have publicly questioned blatter’s leadership, and that someone replacing sepp blatter, is a right choice to FIFA.

Therefore, to give up the election, more like platts and Mr Huang to strengthen and expand contacts, makes every effort to pump.If the bright future for the fifth and sixth consecutive term, the two men will be most likely to “titled”.

So far, the challenger short board, with power is still in xu li, the Swiss will probably was a lot of people in this referred to as “the world’s most boring campaign” continue to play “monologue”, in his fifth term. sffzs135

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