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What? This time should be no small trouble

fFIFA head Sepp Blatter once again fell into its public turmoil. Yesterday, there was news that the 2022 Qatar World Cup held in the winter have been identified, the final final will be staged at December 23, there is news that the finals will be held on December 18, Qatar National Day. Whether all day seems to have been unable to change the fact – the World Cup will be held in the Northern Hemisphere winter. It is also because of this decision, Blatter and his FIFA helm suffered shelling from outside, is facing unprecedented challenges.

In winter World Cup, the greatest resistance from Europe. The vast majority of European leagues are held multi-year, if the World Cup into the winter, national league is bound to be seriously affected, or even being mutilated. Among these, the most affected was undoubtedly the Premier League. In five major league, only the Premier League is no winter break, the event itself is dense winter period. Even the arrangement of the other league’s winter break, it is difficult to empty out a long time. In fact, the winter break is itself in the middle of a season, let the players make the rest of the adjustment “welfare”, if deprived of this “welfare”, players will naturally not agree, at the same time, lianzhouzhuan it easier for players injured.

According to the initial idea of ​​FIFA, Qatar World Cup race four days will be shortened from the previous 28 days into the 32 days. From FIFA high-level position, the possibility of December 23 held a great final. Among these, it is now the most influential global box-office appeal of the British Premier League and Football League opposition foot maximum, they believe that this date is too close before Christmas, but Christmas schedule has been a tradition of English football. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has bluntly, the Premier League’s Christmas schedule hectic enough in itself. Premier League chief executive Scudamore said that the World Cup at the end of December will hurt English football’s greatest traditions and attractiveness of Christmas schedule.

For avid fans, the World Cup is undoubtedly one summer carnival, many fans would choose to leave their homes to watch the World Cup a high level, and if the race is held once in the winter, there will be many people watching it in open spaces ? Europe has been in the online fans began to complain about this. European businesses are tucao that Christmas Cup and let them know when a crash is the selling Christmas gifts or sell soccer supplies. sffzs135

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FIFA15 professional experience following the difficulty of practical operating skills

fifa14coinsmart“FIFA 15″ can always see all kinds of abuse in the world-class master of the legendary difficulty or envy. And we always in semi-professional to professional this difficulty falling

Former midfielder dare ball, the ball was reinforced many of this generation, the courage to grasp the moment the ball is equal opportunity.

The courage to break through the front court, not afraid of being robbed on the computer, use variable line, speed, not necessarily about the extraordinary skills. Once the breakthrough computer will lose position, the computer will fill the seats out of position or around the grab, so neutral came out.

Do not hold according to accelerate, accelerate recent generations has been weakened a lot. If you want to predict with confidence the ball, must not blind acceleration. fifa ball has been done and people are physically separated from the real-time calculation, easy to be too far off the ball drip. Secondly rely outpaced the defense is not easy, there is a 20 ball can accelerate to get rid of the ball against the goal is considered high. And you speed, acceleration blocks players tend to be defensive player was pulled mulberry sliding speed advantage is reflected not come out.

There are six kinds fifa15 ball speed, rational use, speed is extraordinary weapon! ! ! (Normal speed, acceleration, Lb big Scattered, RB split step, LB + RB Scattered super small, super mobility and volatility RS ball acceleration), I was impressed fifa11 10 Defensive Player of the inertial effects on the subject, which is like on the speed out of defense helpful friends.

Do not always think in difficult by Zhisai Zhisai or half lob to break, which is relatively low probability of a successful breakthrough. They do not die of brain penetration through the midfield play, could not get through on the adjustment of the tactical mentality, plastic pull away the wing, crosses the sidewalk suddenly, the sidewalks are interchangeable backs involved in the offense, and so on, this generation at each location can be set the same as the functional fm. In short utilize tactics.

Under difficult it is often difficult to guard dribbling ai discord. Suggestions on the defensive on the point, I think it is very effective, when defensive positions do not follow tackles, nor with anti-press that key (with anti-key provided by the game AI is often playing a dog, relying on inertia to put you out, even if LB + low heel with anti-defense, will be accelerated out of the computer), but also disturbing acceleration, nor around the looting, the whole manual with anti! Predict in advance, as the offensive player with the dead, the rush is not easily ai easily extraordinary. Once ai not break, the equivalent of you defuse a crisis. sffzs135

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Some notes on the game map RS

rrr33View map opens in the upper right corner near RS radar, there are a variety of large and small cities, various shops, holes in the ground, place of work, the color is very bright, very beautiful. Small logo can be seen on the map legend. Legend can ‘? “Seen at the bottom left corner, the average person can understand. You can also drag the map around, the options underneath where you can see the hole in the ground, such as selective small map.
The name can be seen in rural and urban map.

City: stronghold ranging from Lumbridge to Tree gnome’s.

Cities: Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, Catherby, Seer’s Village ……….

Field: Non-members outside the northern city of Wilderness, the color is black, very dangerous, where players can play against (PK), like the Battle of the people there are called PKers. In the field of death will lose all items. There are some centralized monster. Field a hole in the ground there are many ghost, ghost is characterized by blood more easily return to the blood. But kill wild monsters get very rich rewards, there are some valuable items. Ghost sometimes kill a good reward. Skip to enter the field as long as the north wall of the city’s most broken wall. Just enter the green, more and more black behind. Into the wild, the upper right corner of the screen there is a skull logo, the following words died rating. Players can battle with the monster level and the difference is less than their combat ratings at the time of death level monsters. sffzs135

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FIFA15 practical experience tactical layout

ffff0Team tactics with previous years, almost all three lines of speed, style, structure formation, this I believe we have to understand. When the main offensive moves set forward before the games more or coordinate. Midfielder mainly Daojiao or fast forward. After the field is oppressive and stations around the wide tight. There are moves in the front is a good option to own resourcefulness or station locations!

After the defense highlighted here, oppressive defense is to decide you hit the high (or called mad) or retreating without leaving space station front + oppression can well stifle the opponent’s attack in the midfield but easy to play behind him, by after pressing + not behind the ball, but can easily be prevented pressing play.

Width is the defense stations are compact or spread, many people do not understand the importance of this point! Compact if you middle-intensive type of penetration and long-range Barcelona difficult to punch through your opponent, but you can easily blow up the wing, but you can take to combat spread of the wing wide open!

Players no longer a defensive mentality tactical direction to walk so simple to set up! Depending on the position of each player can have different options such as striker wandering type or Zhan Zhuang, find space or coordinate well on the other side of the defense of the oppressed geometric! midfield or forward runs protection! up to change winger (very ground gas), can be used as a winger more pass (now rarely this type of player a) or winger in the wing began to organize (David seats Alba, etc.), and of course my favorite is inside the front (C Ronaldo, Bell, etc.). Because the phone is difficult to upload pictures of the reason, I will leave you to explore specific! sffzs135

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“WOW hook: The Burning Crusade,” the pinnacle of epic debut

wwwwWho says office workers do not have time not to play the game. “WOW hook: The Burning Crusade” live off hook RPG system, even if the game goes offline, automatically hang upgrade the level of assurance to keep a large force. Hook system allows characters to automatically enter the battle, this automatic brush, easy to upgrade, get rid of the market most uninteresting hand experience of this tour of infinite brush. You have to do is login the game, white pick equipment, play some cream, easily hang excel Need expert.

Today the debut of “WOW hook: The Burning Crusade,” the finale of this year is a masterpiece as “exquisite picture quality of high-end” of the emerging managed types of online games to the popular World of Warcraft is the background story masterpiece. Meanwhile in the picture also reflects in no way inferior aspect, the mass market mobile performance to the limit!

Pioneered more than a copy of the system, a good team + mix of skills in the game to defeat BOSS is to decide! “Operation flow” on the phone is about to be born, and the possibility of extending more games are played!

Cruel extent as if the Roman arena battle battlefield, allowing only one positive duel! Only the lead down the other side to be able to win here in addition to fight to the bitter, there is no other way to win. Here, there is no right or wrong to criticize the rules of your choice! No means ordinary people who dare to enter them, only the strength and faith coexist soldiers, dare to accept the challenge! sffzs135

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Blatter era when to end? FIFA President campaign

fffSurrounding the FIFA’s new “head” dark war, has quietly started from 2014.That year in January, former FIFA executives still palmer’s formally announced his candidacy, chairman of FIFA, the French people to “to the hope of football” as the slogan, “throne” sword refers to blatter.Earlier this year, the incumbent, vice President of FIFA, Jordan, prince ali bin al hussein announced his candidacy, and then the Dutch federation chairman Michael van oprah issued a manifesto, which got the Dutch government.

Blatter, who will turn 79 – year – old, obviously the former as the target, both age and achievement.In spite of the fourth was elected in 2011, the Swiss have vowed this is his last term, but last year, one to give up his re-election, formally put forward again for re-election

FIFA vice-president chung mong-joon, before the uefa President johansson and former afc President mohamed bin hammam, these international football side warlord, was defeated by blatter’s;And also so get in the “fraud” scandal, and eventually to quit football’s end.So, no matter it is Mr Nie, ali in the “technical”, or the figo, ginola “combat”, now in popularity, ability and contacts are in the lack of challenge.

In this campaign, the two big coffee has said not covet FIFA President, but that doesn’t mean they lack courage or money or fame.In fact, they have publicly questioned blatter’s leadership, and that someone replacing sepp blatter, is a right choice to FIFA.

Therefore, to give up the election, more like platts and Mr Huang to strengthen and expand contacts, makes every effort to pump.If the bright future for the fifth and sixth consecutive term, the two men will be most likely to “titled”.

So far, the challenger short board, with power is still in xu li, the Swiss will probably was a lot of people in this referred to as “the world’s most boring campaign” continue to play “monologue”, in his fifth term. sffzs135

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