“FIFA15″ to counter long-range

ffLet me set the defensive tactics custom’ve said it before and I am sure to adjust the value of such freedom, such as the formation of all-inflicted width is your wing defense were many people value is low, then shrink to virtually no one in the middle wing To estimate opponent endo when I was constantly point you’ll slow down when the defense by ps4 x-key also accelerates time to time in Canada by l2

Speaking after the extraordinary feeling the best use is to pull the ball extraordinary maneuver to pull the ball with Marseille in general is accelerating this routine as well as that extraordinary care of the ball turned back good speed this extraordinary generation tired easily if the defensive side location does not stand very prone to defensive when neutral recommendation for when to slow down, but it depends on your own deceleration predict the

And finally how to hit long shots fifa said before a game rules can be found is that you can play almost shot under certain circumstances and that is the position of the ball when your kicker pace

Finally, what to do when adjusted kicker obviously there is a slowdown near the ball when there are a lot of small steps before the final stand point kicker ball that had been let go at him with a push to accelerate the speed to catch up with rocker

Direction is not chasing the ball but has begun to push the joystick to adjust the handle rocker ready to shoot this time is played by the left plus the top right corner of the door

Finally, long-range training how good this generation did not exercise the freedom to training mode so you can shoot the most advanced in the attack mode that can provide many opportunities for long-range acceleration and deceleration of the body after the ball from close you can press one fifth of strength varies the ability to see how people value you like a shot sffzs678

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