FIFA 15 Online Club mode

fOnline Club various options and settings, and 14 is basically the same villain, the obvious change is the character set, the more a style setting, penalty, and other celebrations can be preset well in advance, the celebration is to buy in the store after get elected, the game will automatically show villain goal.

Initial villain attribute 75, Level 68 I bought the store after the election CAM can attribute to 83 and 14 to set the villain of achievement is not much difference, or familiar trigger condition.

Preset a perspective into the club game is not very comfortable, you need to re-set.

After each game into the rhythm of the next game is very fast, after the game is completed, only 15s cancellation time, but it seems necessary to cancel the countdown to full cancellation, provided that they meet the conditions kickoff directly into the next game . About this countdown, feeling too hasty, and not-for-formation can not adjust the station, exit conditions very tangled, feel though accelerated rhythm of the game, but the experience need to be adjusted, it is very easy to miss the time did not completely exit leads directly to open next game, the need to communicate between teammates as soon as possible.

The game is not the opponent into a high quality rub shot, estimated rub shot really need to weaken a bit, compared to the previous generation header broke the success rate dropped significantly, volley shot success rate is not very high, they may also be property is not high lead shot, but the goal was impressed rub shot, the angle is not very tricky, even computer goalkeeper no response, very angry.

Game, the most impressive is the computer AI, improved significantly over 14, regardless of station moves the ball, the computer also feels real teammates, the team can be on the same rhythm, especially offensively outstanding performance. Defense if the station is not the problem, but what is likely to be left with a cross or far away.

There will be cheering along with the season after winning animation, looking very happy.

When a club team-mate is not in the game, the club will be prompted to other dynamic club teammates, such as who scored and how the record will be broadcast in real time, the specific form is not very clear, and I all played the full game, other players say, feeling great sense of substitution.

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