FIFA 15 UT mode choice goalkeeper who has handy tips keeper

fifa15The goalkeeper upgrade FIFA15 be a bright spot, after a few patches of some stability. After long-term use does not know if you used the goalkeeper in the three most stable.

Neuer: Eat gloves Neuer is very stable, nothing short board. Shoupao Qiu, Bigfoot, short passes are very stable. Long-range anti-class.

Kournikova: gloves before eating a variety of errors, then eat a CAT finally achieved the desired level, Kournikova everyone’s reaction is a little ball and single-handedly is weakness.

Black Degea: Since I was the Premier League and La Liga mix, so black Degea account of this is very good, all kinds of gloves flutter God after eating, occasional low-level I do not understand the move. Pugin’s hand slip Degea easy!

Come to talk about the other:

Leno: play all kinds of magic. . . High cost, there is the great God says Leno Binuoyier also amazing, you can be the first choice Bundesliga

Siliguri: Serie A Ligue mash preferred than Handanovic Sirigu individuals think a lot of stability, I think Handanovic 15 regular various vulgar scenes so I do not understand

Cech: wasteland used for some time, I feel that Petr Cech was 14, very good, but I feel better Kournikova.

Loris: respond rapidly to net smash powerful, but easy to give each other the opportunity to tip

Casey: I think it was his corner and long-range anti-weakness  

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