Difficult challenge is masochistic favorite?

rs2In the gaming community, there is a word more and more people are being welcomed ironman. The word is not only limited to the MMO field, Iron Man is also used to represent a challenge players to create their own difficulty levels, and stick to it for a long time, of course, many of these people will be in the form of a blog to record this unforgettable experience .

For those who have gradually gone downhill old MMO, the benefits of Iron Man challenge is indisputable. MMO because it is old-fashioned, no doubt provide an excellent pair turning point. “RuneScape”, almost regarded as a veteran of the MMO, its developer community to respond to the enthusiasm of a large number of players on the difficult challenges, the establishment of an iron man mode.

“RuneScape” developer said, “Iron Man challenge comes from the community of avid players who spontaneously create a new” RuneScape “image and self-sufficient. You can only use their own resources and equipment, and not from other players who get any help. we are considering adding a new model of Iron Man, to support those passionate gamers. ”

Iron Man challenge official envisaged will be divided into two types, a property with a permanent death, while another does not. For me personally, this is a great setting for a second election, particularly in response to the community aspect of the player’s voice, “RuneScape” official surrender a satisfactory answer.

Iron Man mode, one of the best examples of representative than the “Kingdom of Loathing” set the tactics on the rise in the mechanism. “Up” is almost regarded as a new game, but players can carry their money and other resources. In addition, players can also choose a number of ways to limit their second chance at life, such as refusing them access their old props, or food and beverage. Should a second life in the successful completion of the challenge, players can not only get the winner of the privilege, but also get a cool picture identification, cross-professional capacity and so on.  sffzs678

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