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rs1From the beginning of 2002 has been the official carrier veteran MMORPG “Runescape” Jagex development company recently announced: They will launch a card-based adaptation of Runescape Battle games in 2015 “Chronicle: RuneScapeLegends”. In an official statement, Jagex direct competitors will lock Blizzard game card masterpiece “Hearthstone legend”, and said: In addition to the traditional card games battle mode, “Rune Chronicles” will also include campaign mode and various kinds task, but the traditional way of fighting RPG card replaced confrontation mode. In the “Runescape” in the debut of professional skills and monsters alike will appear in this new game

Heroes chronicles the runes equivalent equipment, according to the game’s background, the runes and Europe combined with elemental damage, combined into a new rune system, players through free choice with different runes can itself turned into a variety of roles in different directions (such as attack, agile, crit type, defense type, etc.).

Rune divided into three types, namely inscriptions (attack class Rune), Glyph (defense class runes), cream (hit crit class runes), of course, can also be strengthened runes, runes can be enhanced level can not be operated over the role of self-rating oh (Rune may fall by more than a copy of the BOSS monster) can be mounted on each of the four precious stones runes, gems gems can be upgraded by debris, when you get better runes when enhanced level and gems can be transferred oh. Most of the game need to consume only game currency can be, contain equipment to strengthen, upgrade gems, mounts, pets strengthen, as long as you are willing to spend the time, can exceed RMB players

I hope we can collect more runes to increase their own property! sffzs678

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