“FIFA 15″ PS4 version not Share Play feature is disabled

fifa14coinsmartEA football masterpiece “FIFA 15″ has been disabled Share Play function PS4 platform? It makes a lot of players disappointed. However, recently there is news, originally just a false alarm, you can still share with friends Share Play this demo games. Electronic Arts Inc. said in a statement yesterday, produced the “FIFA 15″ Sony’s Share Play does not disable the function, the problem is a lot of games because of a bug in Sony PS4

Many players complained about will show “error” when attempting to use Share Play, began rumors that EA disabled Sony Share Play function.

Paul Marr EA senior public relations manager, in an interview, said in response to the rumors: “” FIFA “and not disabled Share Play, many PS version of the game are out of the question, but has now been restored.”

Share Play selling point is that a friend can join the experience did not buy the game via the Internet, or when you get stuck in to take over your role.

Unfortunately a lot of big games have disabled the service, including the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” ,”‘Tomb Raider” and “Wolfenstein” .  sffzs678

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