Barcelona president announced that diplomatic relations with FIFA

fifa14coinsmartDue to la masia irregularities admissions, Barcelona will be unable to bid in 2015 years, the FIFA opened a very severe penalty.Barcelona President to attend the press conference yesterday The tomei wu says, red and blue will temporarily with FIFA, ending until ban obsolete to restore normal relations.

For FIFA, Bartomeu was severely criticize: “We will give the FIFA President to send a powerful open letter because we believe that Barcelona is being unfairly punished, ultimately only hurt these kids. do not end, because the Spanish professional Football League for FIFA’s approach has been taken against the action. I think that in the future when people talk about the Barcelona event, will think we were unfairly treated. One thing can be sure that the FIFA ban aid to make take effect within this time, we do not maintain normal relations and FIFA. “ sffzs678

Next Monday, FIFA Golden Ball award ceremony will be held in Zurich, Messi is one of the three final candidates. In order to express protest against FIFA, Barcelona executives will miss all of this ceremony, Macy around the club will not have any power to support the characters.

“I will not participate in the Golden Globe ceremony next Monday,” Bartomeu continued, “under the influence of FIFA ban, the President, Vice-Presidents and executives are not going to Zurich, we will select others on behalf of the club to attend. “

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