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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team game experience and practical skills Raiders

ffff0FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a live football and sports games like football. Game from the real players, real teams, real league, so players do not have to go out can also show their glory on the football field.

Three lines of speed, style, structure formation, this I believe we have to understand. When the main offensive moves set forward before the games more or coordinate. Midfielder mainly Daojiao or fast forward. After the field is oppressive and stations around the wide tight. There are moves in the front is a good option to own resourcefulness or station locations!

After the defense highlighted here, oppression is to decide that you do not hit the high defense is still holed up leaving space station front + oppression can well stifle the opponent’s attack in the midfield but easy to play behind, without pressing on the rearward + but behind the ball can be prevented easily be pressing play. Width is the defense stations are compact or spread, many people do not understand the importance of this point! Compact if you middle-intensive type of penetration and long-range Barcelona difficult to punch through your opponent, but you can easily blow up the wing, but you can take to combat spread of the wing wide open!

The work is no longer a defensive mentality to walk such a simple set direction! Depending on the position of each player can have different options such as striker wandering type or Zhan Zhuang, find space or coordinate the defense on the other side there is the oppression of the geometry! Midfield or forward runs protection! Up to become a winger, You can pass as a winger or wingers more sidewalks began to organize, and of course my favorite is in the front. sffzs678

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“FIFA15″ to counter long-range

ffLet me set the defensive tactics custom’ve said it before and I am sure to adjust the value of such freedom, such as the formation of all-inflicted width is your wing defense were many people value is low, then shrink to virtually no one in the middle wing To estimate opponent endo when I was constantly point you’ll slow down when the defense by ps4 x-key also accelerates time to time in Canada by l2

Speaking after the extraordinary feeling the best use is to pull the ball extraordinary maneuver to pull the ball with Marseille in general is accelerating this routine as well as that extraordinary care of the ball turned back good speed this extraordinary generation tired easily if the defensive side location does not stand very prone to defensive when neutral recommendation for when to slow down, but it depends on your own deceleration predict the

And finally how to hit long shots fifa said before a game rules can be found is that you can play almost shot under certain circumstances and that is the position of the ball when your kicker pace

Finally, what to do when adjusted kicker obviously there is a slowdown near the ball when there are a lot of small steps before the final stand point kicker ball that had been let go at him with a push to accelerate the speed to catch up with rocker

Direction is not chasing the ball but has begun to push the joystick to adjust the handle rocker ready to shoot this time is played by the left plus the top right corner of the door

Finally, long-range training how good this generation did not exercise the freedom to training mode so you can shoot the most advanced in the attack mode that can provide many opportunities for long-range acceleration and deceleration of the body after the ball from close you can press one fifth of strength varies the ability to see how people value you like a shot sffzs678

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FIFA 15 Online Club mode

fOnline Club various options and settings, and 14 is basically the same villain, the obvious change is the character set, the more a style setting, penalty, and other celebrations can be preset well in advance, the celebration is to buy in the store after get elected, the game will automatically show villain goal.

Initial villain attribute 75, Level 68 I bought the store after the election CAM can attribute to 83 and 14 to set the villain of achievement is not much difference, or familiar trigger condition.

Preset a perspective into the club game is not very comfortable, you need to re-set.

After each game into the rhythm of the next game is very fast, after the game is completed, only 15s cancellation time, but it seems necessary to cancel the countdown to full cancellation, provided that they meet the conditions kickoff directly into the next game . About this countdown, feeling too hasty, and not-for-formation can not adjust the station, exit conditions very tangled, feel though accelerated rhythm of the game, but the experience need to be adjusted, it is very easy to miss the time did not completely exit leads directly to open next game, the need to communicate between teammates as soon as possible.

The game is not the opponent into a high quality rub shot, estimated rub shot really need to weaken a bit, compared to the previous generation header broke the success rate dropped significantly, volley shot success rate is not very high, they may also be property is not high lead shot, but the goal was impressed rub shot, the angle is not very tricky, even computer goalkeeper no response, very angry.

Game, the most impressive is the computer AI, improved significantly over 14, regardless of station moves the ball, the computer also feels real teammates, the team can be on the same rhythm, especially offensively outstanding performance. Defense if the station is not the problem, but what is likely to be left with a cross or far away.

There will be cheering along with the season after winning animation, looking very happy.

When a club team-mate is not in the game, the club will be prompted to other dynamic club teammates, such as who scored and how the record will be broadcast in real time, the specific form is not very clear, and I all played the full game, other players say, feeling great sense of substitution.

FIFA 15 UT mode choice goalkeeper who has handy tips keeper

fifa15The goalkeeper upgrade FIFA15 be a bright spot, after a few patches of some stability. After long-term use does not know if you used the goalkeeper in the three most stable.

Neuer: Eat gloves Neuer is very stable, nothing short board. Shoupao Qiu, Bigfoot, short passes are very stable. Long-range anti-class.

Kournikova: gloves before eating a variety of errors, then eat a CAT finally achieved the desired level, Kournikova everyone’s reaction is a little ball and single-handedly is weakness.

Black Degea: Since I was the Premier League and La Liga mix, so black Degea account of this is very good, all kinds of gloves flutter God after eating, occasional low-level I do not understand the move. Pugin’s hand slip Degea easy!

Come to talk about the other:

Leno: play all kinds of magic. . . High cost, there is the great God says Leno Binuoyier also amazing, you can be the first choice Bundesliga

Siliguri: Serie A Ligue mash preferred than Handanovic Sirigu individuals think a lot of stability, I think Handanovic 15 regular various vulgar scenes so I do not understand

Cech: wasteland used for some time, I feel that Petr Cech was 14, very good, but I feel better Kournikova.

Loris: respond rapidly to net smash powerful, but easy to give each other the opportunity to tip

Casey: I think it was his corner and long-range anti-weakness  

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Difficult challenge is masochistic favorite?

rs2In the gaming community, there is a word more and more people are being welcomed ironman. The word is not only limited to the MMO field, Iron Man is also used to represent a challenge players to create their own difficulty levels, and stick to it for a long time, of course, many of these people will be in the form of a blog to record this unforgettable experience .

For those who have gradually gone downhill old MMO, the benefits of Iron Man challenge is indisputable. MMO because it is old-fashioned, no doubt provide an excellent pair turning point. “RuneScape”, almost regarded as a veteran of the MMO, its developer community to respond to the enthusiasm of a large number of players on the difficult challenges, the establishment of an iron man mode.

“RuneScape” developer said, “Iron Man challenge comes from the community of avid players who spontaneously create a new” RuneScape “image and self-sufficient. You can only use their own resources and equipment, and not from other players who get any help. we are considering adding a new model of Iron Man, to support those passionate gamers. ”

Iron Man challenge official envisaged will be divided into two types, a property with a permanent death, while another does not. For me personally, this is a great setting for a second election, particularly in response to the community aspect of the player’s voice, “RuneScape” official surrender a satisfactory answer.

Iron Man mode, one of the best examples of representative than the “Kingdom of Loathing” set the tactics on the rise in the mechanism. “Up” is almost regarded as a new game, but players can carry their money and other resources. In addition, players can also choose a number of ways to limit their second chance at life, such as refusing them access their old props, or food and beverage. Should a second life in the successful completion of the challenge, players can not only get the winner of the privilege, but also get a cool picture identification, cross-professional capacity and so on.  sffzs678

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FIFA 15 433 ideas offensive formation

fifa15In all 433 formation inside, GM 4 guard, left and right defender, left and right backs.

The three midfield general is centered, without too much pull to the side, and this three midfield, stations may be 2-1, which is dual lumbar (CMD) +1 in the avant-garde (CAM); there may be 1-2 is a single defensive midfielder +2 avant-garde, so you need to have a very strong midfielder coverage area and interception capability; it could be almost a three-wire configuration midfield, but the middle a little bit delayed as a post field engine, by about two midfielders as “thugs” to protect, and maybe as a barrier when the thugs defense, the offensive had to be able to attack up, this play now MVP reference Juve midfielder, Pirlo engines, both sides than Dahl + Marchisio or Boge Ba.

As for the three frontcourt could be 1-2, which is an attacking midfielder or video front, two front center, or 2-1, two video front, a center, or 2-1, two for the winger, to break can pass in the center as a fulcrum grab points.

So we use in determining the formation of a future, we must understand the role of each position, which in most cases under 433 ST strengths this position requires a strong striker, because there are many 433 winger opportunities. But this is a version of the header is really difficult, I own most cases are inscribed, in front of the sweep, or pass inverted triangle.

As a defensive halfback generally delayed, generally do not forward runs assists

The backs on the contrary, I used 433 inside, fullbacks are often the launching point of attack, because the winger’s defensive ability, are generally not strong, if had lost winger, fullback will be a very long sprint distance on the sidewalks, If you come across this time dragging the midfield to intercept you, then you definitely have a vacancy CM position, the ball from LB assigned CM CM would later often nobody defensive state, this time the transfer of a long pass to the other side, or to find Zhisai chance, a cross is a very good chance. sffzs678

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Old games Runescape transfiguration card games

rs1From the beginning of 2002 has been the official carrier veteran MMORPG “Runescape” Jagex development company recently announced: They will launch a card-based adaptation of Runescape Battle games in 2015 “Chronicle: RuneScapeLegends”. In an official statement, Jagex direct competitors will lock Blizzard game card masterpiece “Hearthstone legend”, and said: In addition to the traditional card games battle mode, “Rune Chronicles” will also include campaign mode and various kinds task, but the traditional way of fighting RPG card replaced confrontation mode. In the “Runescape” in the debut of professional skills and monsters alike will appear in this new game

Heroes chronicles the runes equivalent equipment, according to the game’s background, the runes and Europe combined with elemental damage, combined into a new rune system, players through free choice with different runes can itself turned into a variety of roles in different directions (such as attack, agile, crit type, defense type, etc.).

Rune divided into three types, namely inscriptions (attack class Rune), Glyph (defense class runes), cream (hit crit class runes), of course, can also be strengthened runes, runes can be enhanced level can not be operated over the role of self-rating oh (Rune may fall by more than a copy of the BOSS monster) can be mounted on each of the four precious stones runes, gems gems can be upgraded by debris, when you get better runes when enhanced level and gems can be transferred oh. Most of the game need to consume only game currency can be, contain equipment to strengthen, upgrade gems, mounts, pets strengthen, as long as you are willing to spend the time, can exceed RMB players

I hope we can collect more runes to increase their own property! sffzs678

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“FIFA 15″ PS4 version not Share Play feature is disabled

fifa14coinsmartEA football masterpiece “FIFA 15″ has been disabled Share Play function PS4 platform? It makes a lot of players disappointed. However, recently there is news, originally just a false alarm, you can still share with friends Share Play this demo games. Electronic Arts Inc. said in a statement yesterday, produced the “FIFA 15″ Sony’s Share Play does not disable the function, the problem is a lot of games because of a bug in Sony PS4

Many players complained about will show “error” when attempting to use Share Play, began rumors that EA disabled Sony Share Play function.

Paul Marr EA senior public relations manager, in an interview, said in response to the rumors: “” FIFA “and not disabled Share Play, many PS version of the game are out of the question, but has now been restored.”

Share Play selling point is that a friend can join the experience did not buy the game via the Internet, or when you get stuck in to take over your role.

Unfortunately a lot of big games have disabled the service, including the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” ,”‘Tomb Raider” and “Wolfenstein” .  sffzs678

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the most popular free MMORPG games


RuneScape (referred to as RS) is a gaming company Jagex Games Studio production of massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game in the world, second in size only World of Warcraft, and has won the Guinness Book of World Records, “the most popular free MMORPG games.” The game has always been a rich story, a huge trading system and playability, highly flexible known sffzs678

About four independent RS skills
Agility: This skill is a very short time, using a shortcut through the original need to go a long way. Players can climb through a hole in this skill, skip rivers, cliff, etc. The higher the level of agility, will be able to use more shortcuts, runners can also speed up the access of the air force. You can also go to some of the original can not go.

Construction: Players can use this skill design their own houses, houses can invite other players to enter. The higher the skill level, the facility will be able to build more.

Slayer: requirements specified NPC to give special task slaughter, slaughter of a specified number of monsters, beasts, and experience will be rewarded. Improve the massacre can kill some of the more advanced level of monsters, some of which have a good reward to kill.

Hunting: using the specified equipment, designated to capture wild animals. Such as the use Butterfly net capture Butterfly.

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Barcelona president announced that diplomatic relations with FIFA

fifa14coinsmartDue to la masia irregularities admissions, Barcelona will be unable to bid in 2015 years, the FIFA opened a very severe penalty.Barcelona President to attend the press conference yesterday The tomei wu says, red and blue will temporarily with FIFA, ending until ban obsolete to restore normal relations.

For FIFA, Bartomeu was severely criticize: “We will give the FIFA President to send a powerful open letter because we believe that Barcelona is being unfairly punished, ultimately only hurt these kids. do not end, because the Spanish professional Football League for FIFA’s approach has been taken against the action. I think that in the future when people talk about the Barcelona event, will think we were unfairly treated. One thing can be sure that the FIFA ban aid to make take effect within this time, we do not maintain normal relations and FIFA. “ sffzs678

Next Monday, FIFA Golden Ball award ceremony will be held in Zurich, Messi is one of the three final candidates. In order to express protest against FIFA, Barcelona executives will miss all of this ceremony, Macy around the club will not have any power to support the characters.

“I will not participate in the Golden Globe ceremony next Monday,” Bartomeu continued, “under the influence of FIFA ban, the President, Vice-Presidents and executives are not going to Zurich, we will select others on behalf of the club to attend. “