you can find here information about new in-game mechanics,

Guide to the 2014 FIFA World Cup is an extraordinary source of information about the most popular football series, FIFA, which is dedicated to the World Cup taking place in Brazil. In this solution you will find a description of all main game modes and a sequence of matches to play within “Road to the FIFA World CUP” and “2014 FIFA World Cup” modules. This guide contains also useful information for the “Captain Your Country” mode where you want to become a captain of your national team. We couldn’t forget about describing all 60 challenges from “Story of Qualifying”. What is more, you can find here information about new in-game mechanics, especially the ones concerning the ball movements and positional attack.

Few days ago, EA SPORTS add the 2014 Brazil World Cup game content to FIFA 14 with free form. This update also includes almost all current mainstream gaming platform, including: Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Windows Phone Store Game player after the update, from now until June 12th, will be able to experience in the past two years the most memorable World Cup qualifying in “the focus this week game”. The weekly EA will be featured in six games for the game player choice, and provide a real player, team, shirt.

According to the famous XBOX achievement information website said FIFA World Cup, 2014 Brazil will contain 48 achievement 1000 achievement points. Although the achievement information has not been EA SPORTS official confirmation, but the reliability is very high.

The game configuration requires only the current mainstream notebook or desktop can be the main mode, will focus on the Ultimate Team model, is currently in beta, game player can log in to the Cheap Fifa 14 Coins application testing qualification. and ofcourse if you want to buy fifa coins, don’t forget to come Fifa 14 

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